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“The Fastest Game on Two Feet” and the Coolest People

The SoCal Lacrosse Community

Lacrosse may have started on the East Coast but its booming out here. Once you grip a stick for the first time it’s all over and thousand of SoCal kids and parents have found out why. Lacrosse is not just the “Fastest Game on Two Feet”. It’s the fastest growing sport in the USA. WooHoo! Of course it is!

If you’re checking MacDaddy then Welcome to the coolest group of people in the world - “Lacrosse People”.  Enjoy.

Chief Dude


Based in sunny Southern California MacDaddy is led by Chief Dude Geoff Sebold a mediocre (at best) Middie/Attackman born and raised on the Island in New York where Lacrosse rules. Since relocating to the West Coast he’s been involved in growing the game since 1988 as a player, coach and administrator of multiple teams and programs and still is. But that’s enough about him!


The real brains of the operation is our main pup TJ (Tucker Jr.). He is our 8-year-old Golden Retriever who chills like no other on a daily basis and gets the final say on any and all designs. One ruff means yes, two means no way. TJ’s instincts are flawless, and he always comes through. He’s also a GB machine at the park scooping through at full speed on any and all lacrosse balls thrown out there. Awesome!